[SAT][SMT][CS] Håkan Kjellerstrand's work

For those who liked my 'SAT/SMT by Example' book, should also see all these examples Håkan assembled, which are written in many other PLs (like Prolog), APIs, etc. ('Examples' in the same sense as in my book.)

Wide variety of PLs and APIs makes it look like rosettacode.org website, and this is very interesting and useful (to my taste).

My Picat page Picat is a multi-paradigm logic-based system with support for constraint programming, tabling, functional programming, and imperative structure features (loops, list comprehensions, destructive assignments etc)
My CPMPy page CPMPy is a constraing modelling system in Python with OR-tools CP-SAT and PySAT as solvers.
My Popper page Popper is an inductive logic programming (ILP) system
My Turing.jl page Turing.jl is a probabilistic programming in Julia
My ConstraintSolver.jl page ConstraintSolver.jl is a constraint programming-system in Julia
My Julia page Julia programming language
My WebPPL page WebPPL is probabilistic programming language (a subset of JavaScript)
My JavaScript page JavaScript (node.js) programs
My BLOG PPL page BLOG probabilistic programming language
My PSI PPL page PSI probabilistic programming language
My SWI-Prolog page SWI-Prolog programs/models
My Z3/Z3Py page Z3 and Z3Py models
My Java page Java programs for Project Euler problems.
My Python page Python programs for Project Euler problems.
My Choco3 page Choco v3 is a Constraint Programming system in Java. It is not compatible with Choco v 2
My B-Prolog page B-Prolog is a Prolog supporting CLP, tabling, foreach loops, arrays and list-comprehensions
My Mathematica page Mathematica is a system for symbolic mathematics (and supports a lot of other math related things as well)
My AIMMS+CP page AIMMS is a commercial Operations Research/Constraint Programming system
Constraint-based constraint poetry constraint poetry (or "poetry") generated by Constraint Programming
My AMPL page AMPL is a mathematical programming system with support for Constraint Proogramming. The models where written in Autumn 2007 and Spring 2008 and Spring 2013 (CP models)
My Project Euler page Pointers to my implementations of some Project Euler problems
My JSR-331 page JSR-331 is a Java specification for Constraint Programming API
My Numberjack page Numberjack is a Constraint Programming system in Python
My J page Programming language J
My Frink page General programming language with converting between a huge number of different units as a feature
My OscaR page Constraint Programming in Scala (former called Scampi)
My PDDL page (planning, PDDL = "Planning Domain Definition Language")
My SABR page (Constraint Programming, emphasis on spatial and temporal logic)
My JaCop/Scala page (Constraint Programming)
My APL page APL (programming language)
My K/Kona page K (programming language)
My Icon/Unicon page Unicon/Icon (programming language)
My Perl 6 page Perl 6 (programming language)
My Answer Set Programming page, Answer Set Programming is a declarative programmming paradigm
My Google OR-tools page Constraint Programming with implementations in Python, Java, and C#
My Zinc page Constraint Programming
My SETL/SetlX page programming language SETL and SetlX (programs in GNU SETL and SetlX)
My JGAP page genetic programming, symbolic regression using the JGAP system
My Eureqa/Formulize page equation discovery with genetic programming
My SICStus Prolog page Constraint Programming
My Pop-11/Poplog page Pop-11 is a great programming language, used for e.g. Artificial Intelligence.
Data mining, machine learning etc
My Weka page
Constraint Programming
My MiniZinc page Constraint Programming
My JaCoP page Constraint Programming in Java
My Choco page Constraint Programming in Java
My Gecode/R page Constraint Programming in Ruby and Gecode
My Comet page Constraint Programming, also constraint-based local search and mixed integer programming
My Gecode page Constraint Programming in C++
My ECLiPSe page Constraint Programming, Prolog based system
My Essence'/Tailor/Savile Row page Constraint Programming
Common constraint problems a link collection of Constraint Programming problems that are implemented in at least two systems

(Click here. Also, his github.)

So yes, SAT/SMT solvers are not the only kid on a block. Sometimes, other tools may fit better. At least, worth studying.

(the post first published at 20230311.)

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