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2022-Jun-18 [Crypto] Safe backups (or ransomware) using RSA/PGP/GnuPG/OpenSSL
2022-Jun-10 [Math] OEIS mirrored for local browsing
2022-May-18 [Crypto] RSA: how Chinese Remainder Theorem is used here
2022-May-15 [Crypto] Birthday attack: yet another explanation
2022-May-15 [Crypto] Low-exponent attack on RSA: an example
2022-May-14 My Discord server/channels
2022-May-11 [Unix][Crypto] Simplest possible password manager
2022-May-07 [Python][Math] Deciphering Uber rating
2022-May-06 [Lisp, ML, Haskell] Tail call/recursion/optimization
2022-Apr-30 ElGamal signature scheme
2022-Apr-27 ElGamal encryption system, cracking it using CADO-NFS
2022-Apr-16 [Math] Android lock screen (9 dots) has exactly 140240 possible ways to (un)lock it
2022-Apr-13 Lisp notes
2022-Apr-01 Trimming backups with logarithmic scale

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