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2024-May-05 HAKMEM for floating point numbers and IEEE 754?
2024-Apr-13 [Russian] Подделка скриншотов
2024-Apr-13 [Russian] Русский язык и регулярные выражения
2024-Apr-05 [Russian] О ChatGPT
2024-Feb-12 Demographics of SAT/SMT
2024-Feb-12 [RevEng] Demographics of reverse engineering
2024-Jan-24 [Pure C] Negative array index in practice
2024-Jan-05 [Russian][Math] Как снять квартиру используя задачу о разборчивой невесте
2024-Jan-03 VirtualBox sudden error
2023-Dec-09 [Math] Switch to right gear on your bike using GCD (greatest common divisor)
2023-Dec-08 Question to audio engineers
2023-Dec-06 [Math] Why cellular network has hexagonal shape?
2023-Nov-08 ChatGPT and LLM: simplest possible explanation
2023-Oct-31 [Math] pastebin-like services and logarithmic scale
2023-Oct-29 [RevEng] Challenge/keygenme #88: the solution
2023-Oct-24 [Crypto] Why authenticated encryption and MAC is so important
2023-Oct-24 Typos in Intel manuals: who to contact?
2023-Oct-23 [Math] Solving Integer Linear Problem during hangover
2023-Oct-23 [Math] Finite State Machines (FSMs) for programmers and mere mortals
2023-Oct-22 [Crypto] SSL/TLS, part 2: Toy TLS 1.2 client with TLS_DHE_RSA ciphersuites support.
2023-Oct-16 [Crypto] SSL/TLS, part 1: Toy TLS 1.2 client in ~1200 SLOC of Python.
2023-Oct-16 [Crypto] Length extension attack + HMAC explained
2023-May-18 [Math][Python] Computing CRC in parallel
2023-May-16 [Math] Parallelizing remainder calculation over bignum
2023-Apr-25 [SAT] Running Kissat SAT-solver on ARM CPU
2023-Apr-10 [Python] Pointers/references in Python, part II
2023-Mar-31 How good your knowledge of bitwise tricks? Exercise. And answer.
2023-Mar-29 [RevEng] Old versions are cool
2023-Mar-26 [Russian] Fencepost error / off-by-one error / ошибка неучтённой единицы
2023-Mar-26 [RevEng] John Guttag on debugging
2023-Mar-13 [Python][For noobs] What is anonymous/lambda function?
2023-Mar-12 Reverse Engineering for Beginners: 10-years anniversary
2023-Mar-11 [SAT][SMT][CS] Håkan Kjellerstrand's work
2023-Mar-06 SQL vs NoSQL: shortest possible explanation
2023-Mar-05 [Math] Cyclic redundancy check: yet another interesting feature
2023-Feb-25 [Math][Python][Bash] Printing reminders picked using lorarithmic scale
2023-Feb-22 VPN from Android to Linux: WireGuard working example
2023-Feb-20 [Math] Binary logarithm, part III
2023-Feb-17 Understanding latency vs. network speed
2023-Feb-14 Learning Perl
2023-Jan-29 [Python][C][C++][For noobs] What is 'continue'
2023-Jan-28 [Python] Simplest possible serialization/marshalling
2023-Jan-27 Public transport glitch. Dedicated to all fans of John Conway's Game of Life. Seen in Kiev.
2023-Jan-26 Weak data typing in MySQL
2024-May-02 [Russian][Crypto] Что такое side-channel attack / timing attack
2024-May-10 [Crypto][Python] D.Bleichenbacher attack on RSA PKCS#1, part IV
2023-Jan-23 [Crypto][Python] D.Bleichenbacher attack on RSA PKCS#1, part III
2023-Jan-23 [Crypto][Python] D.Bleichenbacher attack on RSA PKCS#1, part II
2023-Jan-23 [Crypto][Python] D.Bleichenbacher attack on RSA PKCS#1, part I
2023-Jan-22 [Crypto] RSA blinding
2023-Jan-05 [Crypto][Python] Padding oracle attack: demonstration
2023-Jan-04 [Crypto] PKCS#7 padding
2022-Dec-25 [Pure C][x86][RevEng] Function arguments as local variables
2022-Dec-23 [Math][Python] Trimming backups with logarithmic scale, part II
2022-Dec-21 [Math][Python] Birthday problem
2022-Dec-15 [Украина][Киев][Bash] График отключений напруги
2022-Dec-11 [Unix] Comparing CPU features with the help of cut/tr/diff/grep commands
2022-Dec-08 [Pure C] Manual inlining
2022-Dec-02 [Russian][Math] Проблема 2000 и модульная арифметика
2022-Dec-01 [Crypto] Ethereum keystore - what is in it?
2022-Nov-30 [Crypto] Fuzzy password
2022-Nov-26 [Pure C] Clang is better than GCC
2022-Nov-20 [Python] Wordclouds for your book library
2024-May-10 [Unix] Logging your work using suckless dwm
2022-Nov-13 [Math][RevEng] Boolean algebra for noobs: stack alignment
2022-Nov-09 [Math] Boolean algebra for noobs: easy exercise
2024-May-10 [RevEng] Learn reverse engineering: but where to start?
2022-Nov-07 CPU vs (GP)GPU: the difference
2022-Oct-23 VPN from Windows to Linux: WireGuard working example
2022-Oct-23 [Logic] Formal fallacy for programmers
2022-Oct-23 [Math][Python] Mixed radix, part II
2022-Oct-23 Wget patch: limit-size
2022-Oct-15 [Math][Python] Cartesian product by example
2022-Oct-05 [Math] Binary logarithm, part II
2022-Oct-03 [Crypto] SSH protocol dissected, part IV
2022-Oct-01 SSH servers survey in Autumn 2022
2022-Sep-29 [RevEng][Math] Data compression and entropy, part II
2022-Sep-25 [Crypto] SSL/TLS certificates survey (in wild) + (failed) RSA GCD attack in 2022
2022-Sep-17 Decompilation to pure C using Hex-Rays or Ghidra
2022-Sep-17 [Crypto] SSH protocol dissected, part III: publickey auth
2022-Sep-14 How good your knowledge of bitwise tricks? Exercise.
2022-Sep-04 [Crypto] SSH protocol dissected, part II: fingerprint
2022-Aug-31 [Crypto] Cracking AES-CTR with reused nonce
2022-Aug-28 [Crypto] SSH protocol dissected, part I: toy SSH client in ~1k SLOC
2022-Aug-27 [RevEng] Challenge/keygenme #88: a hint
2022-Aug-27 [Unix] Pipes for parallel processing
2022-Jul-28 [Math][Python] Project Euler #99 and logarithmic representation
2022-Jul-24 [Math] Modulo inverse and the solution to the reverse engineering challenge #87
2022-Jul-24 [Math] Factlets about integer factorization
2022-Jul-22 [SAT] Deducing CNF for multi-input XOR function
2022-Jul-21 [Math] Exponentiation and binary logarithm for network administrators
2022-Jul-19 [RevEng][Math] Data compression and entropy
2022-Jul-15 Using tabs
2022-Jul-05 [Math][Python] Mixed radix, role-playing dices and PRNG
2022-Jul-05 [Russian] Как писать технические тексты
2022-Jun-18 [Crypto] Safe backups (or ransomware) using RSA/PGP/GnuPG/OpenSSL
2022-Jun-10 [Math] OEIS mirrored for local browsing
2022-May-18 [Crypto] RSA: how Chinese Remainder Theorem is used here
2022-May-15 [Crypto] Birthday attack: yet another explanation
2022-May-15 [Crypto] Low-exponent attack on RSA: an example
2022-May-11 [Unix][Crypto] Simplest possible password manager
2022-May-07 [Python][Math] Deciphering Uber rating
2022-May-06 [Lisp, ML, Haskell] Tail call/recursion/optimization
2022-Apr-30 ElGamal signature scheme
2022-Apr-27 ElGamal encryption system, cracking it using CADO-NFS
2022-Apr-16 [Math] Android lock screen (9 dots) has exactly 140240 possible ways to (un)lock it
2022-Apr-13 Lisp notes
2022-Apr-01 Trimming backups with logarithmic scale

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