[Python] Wordclouds for your book library

Previously. Wolfram Mathematica is a great tool, but a proprietary one. Here is a solution using Python library.

% pip3 install wordcloud


if [ ! -f "$OUT" ]; then
        echo processing $1
        wordcloud_cli --text "$1" --imagefile "$OUT" --width 1000 --height 1000


find . -size +4096c -name '*.my-txt' -type f -exec ./create_wordcloud.sh {} \;

(Too short (erroneous) my-txt files to be skipped.)

And no coding required! Additional info about wordcloud_cli options.

But one problem is that it has a hard time handing Russian language. Probably, stopwords should be added. Maybe this problem is present for other non-English texts.


(the post first published at 20221120.)

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